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Fuerteventura with Safety Kite what is worth knowing

Our first trip to Fuerteventura turned out to be a great success, so we decided to share with you our impressions about your stay in Fuerteventura in terms of kitesurfing and indirect tourism. In the period from October 4 to October 17, the weather was mainly favorable for kitesurfing and relaxation. Let’s think: why is Fuerteventura a good place to go kitesurfing?The first reason is the amazing weather, it is sunny every day and the air temperature in October varies between 23-26 degrees Celsius during the day, while the water temperature is around 18-21 degrees Celsius. The day starts shortly before 8 am and ends at 7:30 pm. Fuerteventura: it’s a cloudy morning between 8-10 am so that the sun will be warm for the rest of the day! Once again, we will mark the sun here. There will be no vegetation – because it is dry and rocky, so if the plants are not watered, they will disappear from the excess sun and lack of minerals. Okay, but what about the wind? This question will be answered by our fanpage post:

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Wind, wind, wind! Every day there is a place where it blows and you can swim, really. If you are determined and have the appropriate equipment (kites in various sizes, twin tip boards in at least two sizes, foil) and a car, you have a guarantee of daily swimming.

When going to Fuerteventura, pay special attention to the tides. High water level, precisely writing the highest, occurs twice a day, as well as low water. Where can you check the tides? Among other things, on the windguru:

Where else can you check the tides? In a leaflet that can be obtained, for example, at a surf shop.

Where to check forecasts? In our opinion, the most advantageous way is directly at the measuring stations installed in the school’s bases, such as, for example, in Corralejo on FlagBeach via windguru:

It is worth emphasizing what are the forecasts for the day of reading, i.e. October 19:

Although the forecast shows 6 knots on Fuerteventura, there is of course more than 11.1 knots, and this is a huge difference and the wind is easy to operate with – if we have the right toz equipment. low wind kites and skill. In any case, Fuerteventura will not disappoint you in terms of wind.

Let’s check the readings from other spots on Fuerteventura, we’ll take a closer look at Costa Calma:

At the time of checking the reading, the wind has very little power, however, this is changing in the afternoon here and we can often see a forecast of 5 knots and meanwhile 19 knots blowing by looking at the readings from the station and being at the spot and unfolding the equipment. Below are some screenshots of the readings from Costa Calma from the stations in Sotavento:

What conditions did Fuerteventura greet us after arriving on October 4? Well, the wind was whistling well in the ears, below is a FlagBeach picture in the air 9m2 Chaos – Corralejo:

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