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Safety Kite

Our story:

The idea to set up a school was born in 2018. In 2021 we attempted to receive support in the form of funding for setting up a business. We received a positive response, so we can offer you training at every level. We adjust the offer to you!

We train professionally and we do it with passion. Customer satisfaction is our motto. We focus on high quality training.

We adapt training to your needs!

We start training with you. We adapt our activities to your needs. We take into account your motivation, skills and conditions at the spot and much more. Thank you for using our services – we are improving for you!

Efficient learning

We will do our best to provide you with the best care on the water and pass our experience in accordance with the guidelines of PZKite and IKO.

Training in various locations

Just like we do kitesurfing in various places and conditions, you will also receive such an opportunity during our course. Trying yourself in a variety of conditions and locations is associated with progress in kitesurfing. Depending on the weather conditions, skills and aptitude, we will choose a training place together.

Get PZKite or IKO qualifications

After a completed course, ask for a license, we will issue it for you according to the skills you have acquired. We train in accordance with the established PZKite and IKO standards.

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