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How to prepare for a kitesurfing course?

You signed up for a course from scratch to a certified kitesurfing school, all holidays planned, reservations made, now just waiting for the beginning of this adventure. Should you prepare yourself somehow for that? What do you need to know?

Before the course

Usually you don’t have to bring anything for the first kitesurfing class, all you need is a swimsuit and motivation to learn. You can think about buying rashguard to protect your skin from the sun and of course a sunscreen with a high SPF filter (remember to put it on your ears, feet and knee area), because there is nothing worse than the pain of burnt skin when you should enjoy your first kitesurfing successes . If the water on the spot where you will learn is cold, the school should offer wetsuit rental, in other spots, due to the bottom of the sea, you should have swimming / neoprene shoes on your feet to protect them from cuts. If at a given spot or in a given kitesurfing station they recommend bringing other necessary things, they will certainly let you know about it in advance.

The rest of the necessary equipment will be provided by the station  – they will prepare a helmet, an impact vest (so that the course is conducted in a safe way), a harness and of course a kite, bar and board.

Do you need to be strong for kitesurfing?

You may also wonder if any special training should be implemented before starting the course. However, contrary to the opinion of many, we do not need any special strength in the arms or legs to go kitesurfing. It is a sport that is more technical than strength.

Of course, playing sports, good motor coordination can shorten the time needed to learn, but it is a sport that everyone can try – both children and the elderly. It is worth knowing that all the power of the kite is not kept on the hands, only for this purpose we have a trapeze with a hook to which we attach a bar and a kite, and therefore the hands are only used to guide the kite, just like when driving a car.

How much does a kitesurfing course cost?

The price of the course varies greatly between countries, spots and also kitesurfing schools. The price is also influenced by whether we sign up for an individual or group course.

Prices in Poland range from 150 to around 300 PLN per hour of an individual course. Couple training will be a slightly cheaper option, but in this case you need a partner that is close to you in terms of weight.

Prices around the world are very diverse, you can pay from 60 to even 200 euros per hour.

Most schools offer packages of hours, and in such a situation, usually the more hours in the package, the lower the price per hour.

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