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Kitesurfing Q&A – part two

Is kitesurfing a good workout?

Every type of movement is good for your body and health. So even kitesurfing gives a lot of benefits to your body. During kitesurfing you can strengthen your core muscles, lower back muscles, calves etc., improve your balance and coordination and you can even burn up to 800kcal an hour! Of course it depends on how extreme the wind and wave conditions are and on your riding style, because you’ll definitely burn more calories doing high jumps or complicated tricks. So during riding you’ll not only have a lot of fun but you can get a fitter body.

Do I have to be fit to do kitesurfing?

For sure being fit makes it easier and faster to learn kitesurfing, but it is a technical sport, not a strength sport, so even if you have desk work, you can try to take on this water sport during the holidays.

However, remember that before each lesson or an independent session, it is worth doing a short warm-up to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Kitesurfing vs snowboarding – are these sports similar?

Kitesurfing and snowboarding are sports that have one similarity, which is a board, but everything else is totally different in these two sports. Snowboarding is a winter sport that involves going downhill on snow with a snowboard attached to your boots by bindings.

To start your adventure with snowboarding, you should enroll in a school where a qualified instructor will provide you with all the safety rules (always remember about the helmet) and will guide you through the entire learning process, showing you the correct riding technique and correcting mistakes. Learning without an instructor will not only be more time consuming, but you will learn to snowboard without proper technique and it can simply be dangerous. Of course snowboarding has many different disciplines, just like in kitesurfing.

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