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Group kitesurfing course for three people with Safety Kite in Jastarnia 16h

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Kitesurfing course with Safety Kite, 16 hours in a group of 3.


Training hours package. Group course. By purchasing the course, you get the opportunity to learn kitesurfing in Jastarnia or on trips. Learning to kitesurf with Safety Kite is a course conducted with attention to kitesurfing knowledge and skills – the first kitesurfing lesson, steering, wind overview and much more .

1 review for Group kitesurfing course for three people with Safety Kite in Jastarnia 16h

  1. Sophie Weber

    Kitesurfing has been on my mind for a while before I finally decided to give it a go. I can’t emphasize enough how grateful I am that I chose Sebastian from Safety Kite to be my instructor. I always considered kitesurfing quite a complex sport. It only took Sebastian a few hours of thorough instructions and exercises before I was able to taste the magic of riding a kiteboard. It was obvious from the beginning that Sebastian really cares that his students fully understand the intricacies of the technique, the gear, and of course the weather conditions. For him safety comes first, that’s why I felt absolutley protected throughout the course. The fact that he uses a build-in walkie-talkie in students’ helmets makes the studying experience smoother, and safer. He patiently corrects all your mistakes on the fly making sure you progress step by step, no rushing. I remained confident along each of the stages. His instructions are clear and the excercises are fun to perform. It is important to mention that he uses positive reinforcement which makes the learning process a wonderful and joyful experience. You can tell that your joy is also his delight and satisfaction. And when you finally manage to ride the board properly for the first time… man, what a rush of endorphins!!!
    To sum up – not only is Sebastian a very skilled and comprehensive kitesurfer but he also knows how to pass on his understanding. He provided me with skills and foundations of knowledge that will serve me perfectly in my future kitesurfing endeavours.
    I recommend Sebastian to anyone interested in learning this wonderful sport of kitesurfing because this guy is a true professional who is also passionate about his work. And where there is passion, there is great quality.

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