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Kitesurfing courses in Jastarnia with SafetyKite

Kitesurfing training in Jastarnia – the conditions on the Hel Peninsula make it possible to take the first steps in kitesurfing . In Jastarnia, kiteboarding training takes place with every direction of the wind – this is a huge plus because you can swim and polish your skills almost every day. We invite you to take a course at our kitesurfing school .

Jastarnia is characterized by a large area of ​​shallow water, no reef, no dangerous animals in the water and low waves. Due to the + temperatures, you can swim almost all year round. During colder days, a kitesurfer is required to be prepared in terms of skills, for example the ability to stay on the board or a quick return to the board in a situation where you fall into the water, which will also allow you to maintain thermal comfort.

If we want to kitesurf in lower temperatures, we should have: neoprene wetsuit with a thickness of e.g. 5.4 mm, a neoprene hood, a neoprene jacket, neoprene shoes, neoprene gloves, neoprene warmers – for extreme cold, we recommend wearing two wetsuits. Do you want to swim in cooler water? In the WOO tab, ask when we are going to the peninsula and propose a date, we will share our experience and help with preparations. Do you want to kitesurf with us at any other time? Suggest a date in the WOO tab , we’ll let you know! Do you want to enroll in a course? Contact us. Our kitesurfing school is open to your suggestions.

Kitesurfing in Jastarnia is part of our life. We train from April to October. Later, we deal with kitesurfing training abroad in warmer places such as Spain. If we are in Poland, we also kitesurf in December or March. We are happy to share our passion for kitesurfing in Jastarnia in the central part of the Hel Peninsula. Sign up for a kiteboarding training today and kitesurf with us all year round!

What’s the forecast? Does it blow enough to kitesurf? Let’s check it:

What does kiteboarding training look like?

Kitesurfing school – Let’s work together on your progress

Contact us and we’ll set your kiteboarding training plan.