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Kitesurfing on the lake – is it possible?

If you have many kilometers to the nearest sea, and kitesurfing has become your new passion, you will surely start to wonder what other options (without a long journey by car or plane) exist. Kitesurfing on lake is an option, but you have to remember that it has some downsides.

One of them is unstable wind conditions and strong gusts resulting from the fact that lakes are rarely located in unprotected areas, and are more often surrounded by various trees or mountains. Another problem is the lack of infrastructure. At a few Polish lakes you will find schools or kitesurfing equipment rentals, so on most lake spots you have to have your own equipment. But lack of infrastructure means not only no kites and boards, but no motorboats, for example, to help you deal with unforeseen, dangerous situations on the water.

However, an important advantage is easy access to lakes and their multitude on the map of Poland.

So what to do to make your session on the lake safe? The most important thing is that only the most experienced riders should choose kitesurfing on the lake. For the less experienced, strong gusts and changing wind directions can lead to dangerous situations. Also, it is a good idea to talk to the locals or people who regularly kitesurf on the lake before the first session to get some information. The last important point is to be mindful throughout the session, observe the water, wind and clouds, and get off the water as soon as conditions start to get disturbing.

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