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Kitesurf spots by season

How to choose the right spot for the season?

Kitesurfing – spots perfect for winter

Some people choose winter sports in winter, and some prefer to escape to the high temperatures and strong wind.

One of the options for a winter trip is, for example, Vietnam – beautiful beaches, Asian food and a lot of wind.

Another winter destination is Cape Town, South Africa. It is the city where a really famous kitesurfing competition takes place: Red Bull King of the Air. There you will find over twenty spots for kitesurfers of all skill levels. Kitesurfers who are interested in wave riding will fall in love with this place. Big, regular, good-quality waves and strong winds make kitesurfing pros spend their winter there. On windless days you can practice surfing which is as much fun as kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing – spring destinations

Spring is a good time to start your European kitesurfing season, spots such as Prasonisi (Greece) or Lo Stagnone (Sicily) are slowly getting busy. Another option is, for example, Cuba or Sal. Of course, we can also go to the Hel Peninsula in Poland, but this is an option for the most persistent, because in these months the Baltic Sea is still cold.

It is also worth considering a trip to Egypt, we are planning to go there in March, so we strongly encourage you to join us.

Kitesurfing – summer spots

From June to September, the best and closest option is to travel to European spots. These are the months when the Spanish, Italian, Greek and Portuguese beaches are filled with wind (as well as kites) and you have a very wide choice of places to kitesurf. This is due to the fact that a thermal wind works there, thanks to which the strength of the wind is better. When looking for spots with flat water, it is worth visiting Sicily, Sardinia or our Hel (during summer season we are in Jastarnia). In Portugal or Rhodes, wave lovers will find something for themselves. Of course, not only Europe is a good kite destination in the summer season. You can also choose a more non-standard destination, such as Thailand, Kenya or Canada.

Kitesurfing – autumn destinations

At the end of September, the season ends in most European countries, but the Spanish Canary Islands are the exception. You should go there when the wind in Poland or Greece weakens. And that’s why we run away there when we leave Jastarnia.

When the season in Europe ends, Egypt and Brazil are also other popular destinations for kitesurfers. Egypt offers us some popular spots such as El Gouna, Soma Bay or Dahab. We can expect many places with perfectly flat and warm water (but a wave fan will also find something there) and a stable wind. It is a great place to get away from autumn and low temperatures (it’s quite warm there, but it’s better to take a wetsuit with you). Another advantage is that from Poland to Egypt we have short and direct flights.

A bit further destination worth visiting in the fall and known to every kitesurfer is Brazil. It is a great place for downwinds, for beginner kitesurfers, for advanced ones, for those who like flat water and for those who choose waves. Everyone will find something for themselves there. High air and water temperatures, ripe tropical fruit for breakfast sound like a recipe for a kitesurfing paradise.

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