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Is kitesurfing dangerous?

Kitesurfing is an extreme sport that depends on the elements – wind and water. In addition, media from time to time report informations about accidents which happened during kitesurfing. That is why many people, before starting their adventure with kitesurfing, wonder if it is safe to practice it.

Training with an instructor

If you want to feel safe while kiteboarding, the most important thing is a course with a certified instructor who will guide you step by step through all steps of the training, including safety systems. If you have gone through all the stages of the course, but still do not feel ready to go out on the water without a supervisor, it is better to book another few hours of lessons, during which the instructor will dispel your doubts and repeat all the material with you.

Kitesurfing – launching and landing

95% of kitesurfing accidents happen when you launch your kite. If you are already an independent kitesurfer, remember to always ask another experienced kitesurfer for help, not a layman, this will reduce the risk of an accident. During the course, listen carefully to how your instructor explains to you how to launch your kite safely.

Kitesurfing equipment suitable for wind conditions

Another important issue is the appropriate selection of equipment to the wind conditions. A kite which is too large and unskilfully used in very strong winds can lead to dangerous situations. You should also remember and not be afraid of releasing the chicken loop and even the safety leash, it is worth practicing it several times during the course with the instructor, so that you won’t be afraid to do it in situations that require it.

Safety first and foremost

Another rule that makes kitesurfing a safe sport is to ‘cut your coat according to your cloth’, if you are a beginner kitesurfer and the wind is strong, very gusty or the waves are really high and experienced kitesurfers advise you not to even enter the water it’s better to listen to them. It’s always better to wait for easier conditions than to risk your health or life.

So as long as you follow the rules which you learned on the course, you remember about the right of the way on the spot, you take a responsible approach to the selection of equipment and remember that safety is more important than momentary pleasure, kitesurfing is a 100% safe sport.

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